Tantra of love


Tantra can be approached with love. Love is the natural path into the oneness with the whole, and the experience of Tantra. You can enter to the path of love, and follow the flow your feelings. Love guides you naturally and effortlessly into the deepest experience of Tantra. Love will lead you to oneness with your partner, and with the whole existence.

Tantra is the natural experience of the highest love. You will find it easily when you immerse yourself totally into the loving embrace of your partner, and dance together the eternal dance of love. Making love deeply and surrendering to the experience of love will lead you into the deepest unity with each other. You will become one, and you will experience the bliss of Tantra, the bliss of total oneness. This is the way of love into Tantra.


Loving caress
Loving embrace
Loving union
Remembering union

Loving caress

Enter into loving caress as eternity

Love is the key to every heart. Love is the path that will take you directly into the heart of Tantra. Love creates the bridge between hearts; love is the power that joins people together. Love will bring you into the union easily and naturally. Surrender to love, and allow it to take you to the very end. It will lead you to the deepest unity with your partner, and with the whole universe. Loving caress will take you to eternity in this moment.

Begin with loving. Caress your companion lovingly. Feel love in your touch. Love your partner with your whole heart, pour all of your love into your hands. Feel love so deeply your hands become love itself, and your every touch is pure love. Kiss with the lips of love, and give your entire love through your lips. Your kisses are love itself. Experience the highest love to another being. Touch gently and lovingly. Allow your love flow through your hands and your whole body, and pour it all into your companion. Your every touch, your every caress is love.

Everything in you loves other one. Love with your eyes, and your looking will caress other one lovingly. Speak words of love, and pour your entire love into your voice. Speak lovingly, caressing other one by sound of your voice. Love other person with your entire heart, with your entire body, with your entire being. Enter into this loving caress as eternity, and become love.

Receive love in turn. Every caress of your companion is love, every kiss is love itself. Receive it all, and surrender to that love. Enjoy love of your companion; enjoy loving embrace and every touch. Let other person love you totally and unconditionally. Let other one embrace you with love. Let this love flow straight into your heart. Receive it all within yourself. Immerse into this loving caress, and melt into love.

Go together deeper into this experience of love. Love and caress each other. Give and receive pure love. Embrace each other with your love. This is giving and receiving of the deepest love. This is sharing of hearts, sharing your love. Loving together will make that experience expand and grow. Love will take you directly into the being of other. It will bring you from time to eternity. Dive deep into the river of love, melt into it, and let it take you to the ocean of love.

Love will open the door of unity. Go together through that door, hand in hand.


Loving embrace

Stay in the loving embrace, and you will avoid the end

The flow of love will carry you away. It will take you deeper into loving, and deeper into union with each other. Float in that flow. Relax and rest in that loving embrace, surrender to each other, and the experience of love. Forget the end. Focus only to this moment, to this love. Deep union needs time. Your hearts need time to open up completely. Your energies need time to develop and grow.

Love will take you into deeper union, and it will stop time completely. You will enter into eternity. You can make love on and on, staying in this moment, in the river of love. Love brings you into this moment. Focus your whole awareness to loving. Focus to the beginning, to this moment of loving, to the creation of union. Rest on this loving embrace, and dance together the dance of love, slowly and gently. At that moment you will step from the time to the eternity. You can make this moment eternal, and it will go on and on forever.

Keep in the fire of the beginning, in the moment of love. Shift the point of love making completely. Focus entirely in the beginning, in the caressing ad loving. Enjoy this moment, this touch, this embrace. Forget the end completely. Usually you will focus to the end, either the way to get there, or how to avoid it. Forget that the end even exists. When you enjoy this loving moment, your hurry and all your tensions will disappear. You can relax, and stay in this loving embrace as long as you want to.

You can let your body move freely, and release all your inhibitions. Move slowly, and enjoy every caress. Enjoy loving embrace. Relax completely, and you will notice you can continue it as long as you wish. Tensions need to released, but relaxing can last forever. You can move in turns, while other one is active, other one can rest and accept caresses. Relax and move alternatively, and you can continue your love making as long as you desire. This deep relaxation is possible when you are immersed deeply into love.  

You can rest hours in the each other’s embrace. Move slowly, loving with your entire being. Enjoy every moment, and relax into love. Keep in the fire of beginning, in the river of love. This river of love will eventually carry you into the ocean of love. It will take you into the true experience of Tantra. It will take you into the total oneness.


Loving union

Tremble in the flow of life and become one

When your love flows freely from heart to heart, and your love making lasts long enough, its nature will change. Your life energy will wake up and will start to move in the circle between you. It will flow from the body to another, from heart to heart. It will grow stronger, and connect you completely. The energy will vibrate in you, and will begin to rise upwards towards the cosmos. Rising of your energies is the heart of Tantra.

Allow the energy flow through you freely. Make yourself completely available to the energy of life, and let it vibrate in you. When the life energy vibrates in your bodies, they will start to shake and vibrate together with the energy. Become aware of this flow of life, and surrender completely to it. Allow your bodies to shake, immerse yourself with it, and release all your inhibitions. Become one with the shaking.

The life energy will make your bodies to shake in the flow of love. Gigantic energy will flow through you, and upwards towards the universe, and it make your bodies shake and vibrate together. Allow the energy shake you, and let it take you into the bliss of life. Let go, and relax completely. When your hearts and bodies vibrate in in the same rhythm, shaking with the same energy, you will become one. Melt into the vibrations of love, into the river of life. Melt into each other, and become one.

Love flows from hear t heart, joining you together. Surrender together to the bliss of love. The energy will now circulate between you, and this circle is finally complete. This circulation of life and love is the very basis of the life. The flow of energy you experience will renew and transcend you completely. It flows through you, and upwards to the universe. You will ascend together with it. You will rise into the new heights. You can experience the bliss of oneness together.


Remembering union

Remember union, and experience it without partner

You can make your life energy rise by yourself. When you have a once experienced the union, you can reawaken it again by using your memory. Remember the moment when you experienced the rising of the energy, and shaking of your body. Recall that memory, and immerse yourself completely into it. Let your body move like it did back then, and shake with the energy. Allow your energies to flow upwards into the cosmos, and join into it. Become one with the existence. Your energies will rise up, and your will experience oneness with the whole.

Or experience it directly by yourself

You can also bypass the need of having companion, and experience the union by yourself. Use these methods to yourself. Focus love into yourself, and caress yourself lovingly. Enter into caress, relax into love, and enjoy this moment. Feel the whole touching you through your hands, and that you are touching the whole with your hands. Vibrate in the energies of life, and let your body shake freely. Your energy will circulate within yourself, and rise upwards towards the universe. Go with it, and become one with all that is.



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